Hi, I'm Karen Petersen

I have a diverse background including running a women’s shelter, working in the non-profit sector, digital marketing, and various entrepreneurial ventures.

I studied at Johannesburg College of Education, Gordon’s Institute of Business Science, and Blue Magnet Digital Academy. My passions include writing, plant-based cooking, and travel.

I’m married to Tracey and currently live in Johannesburg, but are planning a move to the country where we can live a minimalist lifestyle in a small community.

My Mission:

I’ve always had a desire to reach out and help others and have spent many years of my life involved in doing this in different ways, from running a women’s shelter to raising funds for non-profit organisations.

After I found myself in dire straits and had to claw my way back to recovery and freedom, I realised that I could guide other women in similar situations to find their personal truths and freedom.

After writing my memoir, Coming Out Coming Home, women approached me with questions and advice. So using my background in counselling, I started coaching a few women and developed a few challenges/courses for women.

Here's My Life story...

Born in Durban, South Africa, during the apartheid era, I experienced an average white suburban childhood. Due to various traumas in my childhood, I found solace and threw myself into the church during my college years. I found adventure by working in Alexandra Township during the riots, smuggling Bibles into China, and more.

Together with my husband and two daughters, we started a new church in a small town where I soon lost my self and questioned my faith. I unexpectedly met and fell in love with a woman, which resulted in me being penniless and jobless.

My natural optimism and belief that everything works out helped me through the dark tunnels to find authenticity, reconciliation, contentment, and peace.
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