It’s Never Too Late.. Woo hoo, there’s another book published

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It's never too late

Exciting news.. I’ve written and published again. It’s Never Too Late: Life Lessons on Overcoming Obstacles is the new baby on the Kindle shelves. Download a free PDF copy for yourself.

Life after my memoir

After writing my memoir, Coming Out Coming Home last year, I found myself invited to a Facebook Group working on Your Authority Book. It was a beta group for publishing a book within a short period of time, facilitated by Ruth Sullivan. The experience was inspiring and I buckled down and got to work following her processes and guidance. Before I knew it, I had written another book.

It’s never too late

It’s Never Too Late. Life lessons in overcoming obstacles was birthed through my memoir, which caused me to have a deep look at my life. I recorded what I did to make it through the hard times. I took my greatest lessons and expanded on them.

They are not great secrets, but rather simple and practical ways to get through most difficulties that we encounter, particularly during these very trying times that we find ourselves in. Sprinkled with anecdotes, stories, and inspiring examples, each chapter ends with bite-sized exercises that the reader is invited to work through.

If you’re struggling to break through life’s curveballs, you’ll definitely benefit from this easy read. It’s currently available on Amazon and I am busy working on a downloadable PDF version. I also have a few other projects that I’m busy working on, so watch this space…



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