How to Come Home to Your Authentic Self 101

come home to your authentic self

Life is all about change and transition. Even more so, since the pandemic. We long to be our authentic self. Nothing is certain anymore. People have lost income and loved ones and the future is unpredictable. We’re making decisions that cause us concern and our stress levels have multiplied to a ridiculous level. How do […]

3 Steps to Changing Your Life’s Direction


Most people are not living authentically. They’re not happy with where they currently find themselves…they feel trapped I’ve been there, and that’s why I’ll show you exactly how I changed the direction of my life, and how you can too. I’ll show you the 3 secrets to changing your life’s direction: 1. Choices and Decisions 2. […]

It’s Never Too Late.. Woo hoo, there’s another book published

It's Never Too Late

Exciting news.. I’ve written and published again. It’s Never Too Late: Life Lessons on Overcoming Obstacles is the new baby on the Kindle shelves. Download a free PDF copy for yourself. Life after my memoir After writing my memoir, Coming Out Coming Home last year, I found myself invited to a Facebook Group working on […]

Finally Published

Finally published

After working with author and publisher, Melinda Ferguson, I finally released my memoir, Coming Out Coming Home, during the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa. Forced to stay home during the pandemic reiterated the true meaning of home. The memoir highlights my passage from childhood to middle age with many interesting twists and turns. I hope the story […]

Almost published.. At last

Wow, this dream of publishing my memoir has taken a while. For those of you who have followed my story of publishing, thank you. Your support has pushed me on. Here is the next episode and it’s an exciting one. After working for over six months with Melinda Ferguson as a mentor on Coming Out […]

Coming Out Coming Home

Coming Out Coming Home

A few years back I embarked on an expedition to write my memoir. The previous blogs tell of my attempt to write the book on my own, my adventure of pitching it Dragon’s Den style, and my invitation to be mentored by Mel Ferguson of MF Books. This is my latest update. What can I […]