Come Home to Your Authentic Self Workshop

Come home to your authentic self

This four-week workshop is for those who desire to reprogram their unhelpful beliefs, unblock and clear space in their lives, and move into mindful manifesting
using the basics of neuroscience.

We’ll look at subconscious beliefs and self-worth to determine what you attract in life. Then we’ll focus on valuing yourself, living authentically, and manifesting your true desires.

Home is that safe place where you can truly be. Each session is based on an element from the acronym, H O M E – hope, onwards, mindful manifesting, and your essence.

SESSION 1 – HOPE: In this session, we explore our hopes, dreams, and what we choose to manifest in our lives.

SESSION 2 – ONWARDS: Moving on takes an initial effort. How do we get to where we want to be? We examine the areas of our lives that need unblocking.

SESSION 3 – MINDFUL MANIFESTING -We focus on where you currently find yourself and why you have chosen the things you desire to manifest. We also look at those who are examples to you and how they can aid you.

SESSION 4 – ESSENCE – Who are you at your very essence? This is the session where we work on your individual essence thumbprint. We consolidate your non-negotiables in life and how to live them.