Coming Out Coming Home

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A few years back I embarked on an expedition to write my memoir. The previous blogs tell of my attempt to write the book on my own, my adventure of pitching it Dragon’s Den style, and my invitation to be mentored by Mel Ferguson of MF Books. This is my latest update.

What can I say about Mel? She’s a fireball. She comes out running at full speed and expects you to keep up. I love her honesty, her wackiness, and her talent. She’s helped me considerably over the last few months, brutally pointing out flaws and gently pointing me in new directions. I’ve enjoyed every moment, even though I trembled many times before opening my mails with her latest critique. With her mentoring, I have finally finished the final draft.

Now the hard work begins with trying to get it published, marketed, and sold. Mel will pitch it to her publishing partners in the next few months, however there is no guarantee that they will go for it. I will probably approach a few other publishers too.

However, I’m also looking at self-publishing. My problem is that I don’t have the financial resources to self-publish so this will require a crowd-funding exercise of some sort. I have a few ideas in mind, which I will share as they develop.

I’ve worked through so much during this writing process. I realise that my self-awareness and emotional expression is pretty immature and that it adversely affects those closest to me. However, I’m pleased with other areas of my life where growth has blossomed.

Finding contentment has been a revelation. Working through relationships is always challenging, however I love the fact that writing this book has pushed me to deal with issues that I usually would leave unattended. And I’m sure that there’s more to come.

So, as I approach the next phase of getting the book out there, I want to say a HUGE thanks to all for the encouragement that I’ve received. I appreciate every single word of support. Thanks to those of you who have helped with proofreading and giving your input, especially Annie. An extra big thanks to Melinda. If you’re thinking of writing a memoir I recommend her Magic of Making writing course in MEMOIR. Finally, special thanks to my T, who has my back 24/7 with constant support, practical help, and honesty.

Watch this space….

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